2019.10/13 sun・14 mon 開催!


We come together by joining the riverfront activities in the "Hiroshima River City Festival"


In order for Hiroshima to attract more visitors and continue to be a vibrant city, it is not only necessary to maintain the status quo, but also to create further attractions.The history of Hiroshima has been closely linked to the developments of the Ota River system.We like to reinstall the "Hiroshima River Festival" held from 1952 to 1976 by starting the "Hiroshima River City Festival."However, we are not simply wishing to restore the festival held in the past but wishing to initiate the bigger movement of bringing people together by joining the riverfront activities to create a new culture/tradition that is "healthy," "beautiful," and "peaceful" suitable for the water city Hiroshima to match today's lifestyles.

[ 川でつながる"River Do!" ]

We come together by paddling on the river "River Do!"


Hiroshima has six rivers flowing through the city and has the largest number of over 300 Gangis, staircase-like structures, found in Japanese cities. Gangis were used for loading and unloading goods and passengers in the past when boats were used instead of cars and trucks to transport them. We can re-utilized this old but world's rare infrastructure that is unique to Hiroshima. The lifestyle changes brought us new challenges: we need to think about riverfronts as parts of the ecosystem starting in the mountains and connected to the rivers and leading to the ocean. We need to be mindful of the sustainable development goals outlined in the SDGs adopted by the United Nations. 

The Hiroshima River City Festival is the celebration of the Ota River's water fronts which have been serving as the "homes of the souls" of people in Hiroshima.


The first Hiroshima International SUP Open Race

市内中心部を一周する広島でしかできないSUPレースを開催。世界遺産の原爆ドームの前を通り市内中心部を巡るコースでの開催は、世界的にも関心を呼ぶ大きな可能性を秘めています。 ツーリングクラスは街の風景や被爆橋梁、芦原が広がる広島の原風景などを見ながら雁木のエイドステーションで休み休み完漕を目的とします。またオープンクラスは国内外のトップアスリートと一緒にタイムを競い合う本格的なレースとなり見所も満載。 川辺や河岸のマンションなどが観客席となり街ぐるみで楽しめるアーバンスポーツイベントです。              

A unique SUP race will take place paddling around Hiroshima's city center for the first time. The course will be set to take in iconic sites in Hiroshima including the Atomic Bomb Dorm, World Heritage Site. This race has a great appeal for paddlers at all levels all over the world! The Open Race is for the serious competition: an audience can watch the race from the riverbanks while amateur athletes battling it out with top athletes from home and abroad for their personal best time. The race is a unique urban sports event: people can cheer the race from riverfront areas or even from their apartment windows! The whole city becomes an open stadium to enjoy the race.









[ 陸でつながる"River Do!" ]

We come together by joining the riverside activities "River Do!"



The live music concerts and marches will take places near Gangi on the riverbanks. Along with the SUP race around the city, the festival will feature many other activities near or on the riverfront areas including riverside running and walking, cycling, riverside cleanup events and camping style picnics. At the festival’s main venue, live performance shows will be held and workshops for learning and thinking about the river environment will be offered.










[ 海へつながる"River Do!" ]

We help to sustain the Healthy Ocean Environment "River Do!"


Marine plastic pollution is also occurring in the nearby Seto Inland Sea. Most of the plastic waste flows from the local rivers into the Seto Inland Sea.which is semi-enclosed and exchanges very little water with the Pacific Ocean or Japanese Sea.Let's start with the actions we can do ourselves to sustain the healthy ocean environment.







[ みんながつながるマイ "#RiverDo!" ]

Do something to enjoy the waterfront! My “River Do!”

おもいおもいに"River Do!"しましょう。インスタグラムに#RiverDo!をつけて楽しいマイRiverDoを投稿してください。

Let’s enjoy the waterfront and share the experience! Post pictures on the Instagram with the #tag “#RiverDo!”

#RiverDo! #勝手にBBQ

#RiverDo! #勝手にソロライブ

#RiverDo! #勝手にリバークリーン

#RiverDo! #勝手にリバーサイドヨガ

[ わたしたちは"River Do!"を応援しています ]

We support "River Do!"

"River Do!"に参加、応援していただける団体、企業を募集しています。ご連絡をお待ちしております。

We are looking for groups and businesses that can participate in and support "River Do!" events. Please, contact us for more information.

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